Bespoke solutions for entrepreneurs and small organisations. Consulting, software, servers, websites, training, team management.

A custom service targeted to your organisation's needs. Focused on efficiency, money saving, reliability and ease of use. Full support, training and maintenance from analysis to production.


Save costs & Automate

Automating repetitive tasks and better managing information and process flow will make your organisation more efficient, save on costs and let you focus on your users.

Learn to code

Whether you want to up skill and learn how to work in IT or think more methodically in solving a problem, learning programming is a great step towards that.

Get a tech lead

An experienced lead for a tech team can identify strengths, manage expectations, add quality control and guide a group of developers into becoming effective and high producing.

Find a tech partner

A great idea, business or initiative needs a knowledgeable IT professional to build and support the tools and infrastructure that make it run and scale.

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